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Kayleigh & Braxton - Questions to ask your photographer before booking

This session was such a special one for me. I originally reached to Kayleigh about doing some florals for a stylized shoot I was doing. We got talking and I asked if she would maybe want to model for me since her and her new husband were such cuties! She told me she would love to since her wedding photographer had lost all of their photos....

Wait what?! Back up for a second!

This poor couple only had one cell phone picture left from their wedding. Talk about my biggest nightmare as a photographer! So with this knowledge, I knew we had to make this really special. We set up a whole shoot, and had her and her husband get dressed up in their wedding clothes.

Tell me you can't tell that these two are so so in love!

Wedding days don't always go to plan, but you can definitely try to put things into place to avoid hardships. Having a photographer that really cares about your love story, and will be sure to capture your day (and back it up onto a hard drive) with care can be one of the most important investments you make.

My number one recommendation when looking for a photographer that is right for you, is to ask ALL of the questions that are important to you and really get to know their business and character.

A couple of great questions to ask photographers are:

Where will my photos be stored and will they be safe if they end up corrupted / deleted in a certain place? - I personally have a camera that uploads your photos on to two SD cards at the same time, in case one corrupts. I also then upload your images to two separate hard rives, as well as to my cloud to make sure they are safe and sound.

If you are sick / something come up on the day of the wedding who would be taking our pictures? - I have a close group of photographers that I trust to take over for me in a scenario like this. This is honestly a nightmare of mine though, because I love my couples so much that I would hate to miss out on celebrating their big day!

Do you have a list of references or reviews? - If you are feeling iffy about a photographer, this one is so so so so so important. Make sure others were satisfied with their business / photos. Feel regret about the decision you went with on a photographer is the last thing you want when it comes to planning your big day. Customer service is my number one priority and I want to make you feel like royalty!

With that being said, I was honored to capture Kayleigh and Braxton. We laughed and goofed off the entire time. We made a memory out of it, and they were able to have some sort of reconcile for their lost photos. Not to mention Kayleigh KILLED it with the florals. 10/10 recommend her because she is a sweetheart and rocks.

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