• Rachel Jensen

Zion in February

Brooke & Jaden

I grew up going to middle school and high school with Brooke and she has always been the sweetest most caring person. I was so excited when she found someone like Jaden because they worked so perfectly together and were meant to be. I was supposed to go down to Zion with them in June of 2020 but ended up having to cancel my vacation, only to later find out that Jaden was supposed to propose to Brooke while I was taking their pictures! I felt so bad, so when the opportunity came for me to go to Zion with them in February I couldn't turn it down!

We woke up before the sun and set out for the Canyon Overlook hike. This location has everything that Angels Landing has to offer without the scary hike up. I personally grew up going to Zion every Summer. My family loved to camp and hike, except I have always had a bad fear of heights. My family would go on the Angels Landing hike, but my mom would always take me to the Canyon Overlook because it was much easier for kids and didn't scare me half to death. So I was ecstatic to find out that it was one of Brooke and Jaden's favorite hike as well. All of the pay off without your photographer being too scared to photograph you.

We got to the trail head at about 6:30 and with this hike only being about 1 mile, we got to the overlook at about 6:45. I (being a pretty knowledgeable photographer) have an app on my phone that tells me when the sun will rise, however I didn't take this into account with how differently the sun rises in Zion. The sun hits the tallest peaks and then slowly reaches the Canyon Overlook.

This morning was absolutely freezing, 19 degrees freezing to be exact, but you would never be able to tell by most of the photos. Even though we thought that the sun would rise sooner, and ended up waiting forever for it to come up, we pushed through. Brooke and Jaden were such good sports about it, and we joked around the entire time. Luckily since the hike out to this view point only took about 15 minutes when we were finished we ran back to the car to warm up. Brooke said, "That day was so calm. Despite how cold it was, everything was at peace."

Brooke and Jaden want to get married at this spot when the time is right for them. Brooke says that "Zion feels like home for Jaden and I, the minute you are inside the canyon walls, nothing else matters", so I thought it would be a perfect place to photograph them. I personally love boho cowgirl vibes when it comes to shooting in Southern Utah and they were 100% down to run with it. Brooke says she "... grew up in cowgirl boots riding horses and working on a farm, so they're something I've always loved."

Overall shooting in Zion was a dream come true for me. Despite growing up going to Zion almost every summer, this was the first time I had the opportunity to shoot inside of the park. Working with Brooke and Jaden was a blast and I was able to strengthen out friendship even more. Getting a photographer that is right for you is incredibly important, but if you're looking for a gal that is all adventure you're in the right place.

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